3Arts is an organization that works to sustain and promote women artists, artists of color, and Deaf and disabled artists throughout the Chicago community. You can learn all about the incredible people and work of 3Arts and  get updates on their incredible programming here.  They've just announced The Disability Culture Leadership Initiative which is definitely worth following.
Streaming in February on apple podcasts, Spotify, Patreon and on their website.
Streaming now on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google, Breaker and Anchor.

I  am stunned and thrilled to announce that I am a 2020 3Arts Award recipient! It is a true  honor to be mentioned alongside incredible Chicago luminaries - dance artists J'sun Howard and Keyierra Collins; musicians Meagan L. McNeal and Junius Paul; teaching artists Luis Álvaro Sahagun Nuño and Dorian Sylvain; scenic designer Sydney Lynne Thomas; visual artists A.J. McClenon and Reveca Torres and the 3Arts Make a Wave Grantees, Cam Be (music/film); Jacob Brooks (dance); Andrea Carlson (visual arts); Sydney Charles (actor); Ashwaty Chennat (dance/ teaching arts); Jill Hopkins (music); Arti Ishak (theater/film); Regina Victor (theater); Keisha Janae (dance); and Jon Veal (visual arts).

You’re On In Five! The Art of Understudying is a new podcast hosted by awesome Chicago actor Scott Sawa and one of my favorite humans in the entire world, Elana Elyce, who talk to actors about their experiences as an understudy, and how those roles have informed their technique and career. I so miss being in the same room with my friends, and this was such a lovely way to spend time. Check them out on your daily stroll or while you're doing dishes...

The delightful Joseph Schupbach created a podcast called Mirepoix, a journey through food, family and culture via the lens of food practice and tradition. If you're like me, you've turned to cooking or eating or thinking about cooking or eating for comfort and this podcast is definitely food for the soul.  I'm so happy to be featured in the upcoming season.

Through The Bánh Mì Chronicles, storyteller and podcast host, Randy Kim aims to "break bánh mì" with AAPI folks in Chicago and beyond, to understand the work they are doing for themselves, their community, and their family. This journey will ensure that our interactions with each other become a part of our history.  We recorded our episode on an emotional day the first week in January and I was so grateful for his fellowship and kindness. All of his guests are astounding and I was so honored to be among them.  Give his show a listen when you have the time!