Monday October 19,
6-7pm central
You can register for the free virtual 3Arts Awards Celebration at this link. 
The event is free to the public and will include new works by 15 commissioned artists
Streams October 19-November 20

I  am stunned and thrilled to announce that I am a 2020 3Arts Awards recipient! It is a true  honor to be mentioned alongside incredible Chicago luminaries - dance artists J'sun Howard and Keyierra Collins; musicians Meagan L. McNeal and Junius Paul; teaching artists Luis Álvaro Sahagun Nuño and Dorian Sylvain; scenic designer Sydney Lynne Thomas; visual artists A.J. McClenon and Reveca Torres and the 3Arts Make a Wave Grantees, Cam Be (music/film); Jacob Brooks (dance); Andrea Carlson (visual arts); Sydney Charles (actor); Ashwaty Chennat (dance/ teaching arts); Jill Hopkins (music); Arti Ishak (theater/film); Regina Victor (theater); Keisha Janae (dance); and Jon Veal (visual arts).

I get to play a hen and a goat for Steppenwolf Theatre.

As part of their 2020/2021 season, Steppenwolf for Young Adults will present a radio play of Animal Farm.  George Orwell’s always timely allegory, a group of diverse farm animals rise up against the human ruling class, hoping to form a society in which animals can be equal, free and happy. But in the turbulent wake of a revolution, will power corrupt even the noblest of causes? Directed by the amazing Lili-Anne Brown and featuring a cast filled with some of the most brilliant humans-turned farm-animals  (Audrey Francis, Namir Smallwood, Alan Wilder, Robert Cornelius and Sharriese Hamilton), this offering is available to teachers and their students during the streaming window.  Register today to receive complementary educational materials and access to the FREE radio play when streaming begins.

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